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Ever had a back, neck injury or a bad fall, or a car crash or something else that knocked you out of place to the point that you couldn’t function normally anymore for days, weeks, months or years and just didn’t know where to go to get it fixed? Probably most of us have been there at some point in our lives. I certainly have. I was a bit of a maniac when I was a kid, often injuring myself in one way or another. The effects of most of these injuries would appear to get better over time and I’d forget about them. All those accumulated knocks and falls seem to take their toll as we get older. Maybe that’s what old is, just accumulated wear and tear. I remember getting hit on the forehead with a cricket ball at a range of about 12 feet thrown over arm when I was around 11 years old. The initial pain and bump went away in a few hours, but I later found out (a few decades later) the migraines I was getting every week were caused by that impact injury, the effect of which was stuck in my skull bone. I was hit by a car when I was 15 years old riding my bike and coming up to a roundabout. That knocked my hips out of place and shifted my leg length balance and while the chiropractor, over around 6 sessions may have helped I don’t think it ever resolved the issue. One of the main problems, was that some of the pressure from the impact injury was stuck in the bones at the point of impact.

Over the years I sprained and strained numerous muscles and ligaments from martial arts, hard work and other activities. By the time I was 35 I had my first (so called) slipped disk. Whether slipped disks are really slipped disks or not is debatable. The nerve pain was absolutely excruciating and nothing I did to relieve it did any good. First I went to the Doctor, and after raising my leg a few times on his table he prescribed pain killers, which helped a little bit but of course, did nothing to resolve the problem and only masked the pain effects. I realized the doctor had no idea what to do with back injuries and back pain. I was sent for and MRI scan and was told nothing was wrong. I went to the local Osteopath, who cracked by back, charged me a fortune and sent me away feeling even worse than before seeing him. The doctor suggested I see the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist spent ages asking me questions and filling in forms then moved my leg up and down while I was laying on her couch. I stopped seeing the physiotherapist after two sessions when I realized she had absolutely no idea how to solve my back pain problem and also seemed to have no interest in finding a solution. None of the above health professionals (so called) had any sensible assessment tools for my problem and none of them had anywhere near any kind of solution. This injury, or wear and tear, or whatever it was, gradually got better on its own over a period of many months. Once I was better, I started to work on strengthening my body, with a variety of exercises with some success. Some things just didn’t seem to improve with exercise. No matter what I did I just couldn’t budge the stiffness in my lower back and hips and I could never quite balance my hips and always seemed to have one leg slightly longer than the other. It wasn’t long before I had another episode of lower back pain, this time to the point that I could not walk at all for a few days. I went through the same process of pharmaceutical drugs and pain killers for a few months until I got back to a functioning state.

I had a few more episodes of this cycle of injury, then pain killers and pharmaceuticals and then slow recovery until I discovered Dale Speedy who is based in Ngatea, New Zealand. After years of working with other systems he had developed a Technique called Contact C.A.R.E. C.A.R.E stands for Common sense Approach to Real Ease. Contact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Therapy is fantastic for releasing the cause and effects of injuries, to any tissue type, but particularly impact injuries to bone. In a couple of sessions Dale removed all my old injuries that were distorting my postural alignment, causing wear and tear on various joints and the pain that went with all of that. I haven’t had a migraine since my second session with Dale and my back felt so much better after the first session. When I say better, I don’t mean for a few days, but for many months and longer. Sometimes you won’t fee the full effect of a Contact C.A.R.E session until a few months later, although you should begin to feel much better straight away. I was so impressed I trained to be come a certified Contact C.A.R.E Practitioner so I could help others with similar issues. Contact C.A.R.E can do things many other systems cannot. For instance, in my clinic over the last few years I’ve worked on a lot of tailbones that clients have injured either through a fall or an accident of some sort. They usually resolve after one or two sessions. If you’ve hit or banged a bone and it still hurts, you need to see a Contact C.A.R.E Practitioner and it will probably resolve in one session, sometimes two, occasionally three or four sessions. The effects are often instant and on the day or a few days later, but sometimes it can take a few weeks or months for the full effect to be experienced. I noticed that although I felt great after my first session with Dale, it wasn’t until my fourth session three months later that I turned up to his clinic for my appointment and realized I had no structural or pain problems at all and had nothing to put on the client information sheet. Three Contact C.A.R.E sessions can have a huge effect on your whole life. Dales website is www.contactcare.co.nz and he is based in Ngatea. The system also works on animals, including horses. In my clinic at 19 Grange Road, Hahei www.zakrymill.com I always use Contact C.A.R.E in my treatments and always ask clients to record all of their old injuries on the information sheet and I release those first.

The other main technique I like to use is called The Bowen Technique, also known as Bowen Therapy. Bowen Massage Therapy is another excellent technique. It’s a cross fibre technique applied to muscles and tendons that resets the muscular system into a balanced resting phase and once the muscles are balanced, they pull the skeleton into alignment which in turn allows for blood, nutrients and oxygen to get to places that don’t get them when the body is out of alignment. It is far more effective than massage of any sort and has much longer lasting results. While I recommend three initial sessions for chronic issues, I’ve had many clients have full resolution of a hip or other problem that has bothered them for many years, after just one session. I’ve also seen many injuries release and unravel after just one session. It is normal for acute injuries to resolve within 12 hours of one of my treatments. Bowen Massage Therapy is getting very popular in England and the UK generally with professional sports teams. Football teams are using it more and more instead of physiotherapy, because it is much more effective. If a player is injured during training or a game they will recover much faster if they have a quick session of Bowen Therapy. When footballers have weekly sessions of Bowen Therapy, their muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and skeleton are more balanced and less prone to injury. Bowen Massage Therapy after training sessions or hard matches speed up the recovery times. I’ve had marathon runners have a session with me straight after running a marathon tell me that the following day they felt like they hadn’t even run the marathon. Bowen Massage Therapy is fantastic for speedy recoveries. Bowen should be part of every athletes toolbox for success both in preparation training and for after event recovery.

So if the Contact C.A.R.E system is so great why do I use Bowen Therapy in my treatments too? Because I like to be able to work directly on any tissue type presented. It gives me more flexibility on what to do. For bone and joint issues I’ll always use Contact C.A.R.E first directly on the bone, ligaments and cartilage, then I’ll apply the Bowen moves to the muscles and tendons. My clients often report later that they were amazed at the effect.

Who would I go to if I had a slipped disk again? I would go to myself. Really bad back pain is (in my view) usually caused by lack of body alignment. When the body is out of alignment, the hips will usually be twisted, one leg longer than the other, the neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, jaw bones and skull will all be woncky. Nothing will be in alignment and balanced. When your body is woncky, joints will receive unbalanced pressures, which in turn will lead to more wear and tear in various places and in time the cartilage will wear out. Balance the body and the cartilage around the joints will regrow. Its that simple. With really severe back pain the effects of injuries need to be released and then the muscles of the body need to be balanced. This will relieve the pressure on the nerve and the pain will go away. Taking pain killers may give temporary pain relief but you’re not solving the problem, your masking the problem so the pain will come back later and it will probably be worse. I had terrible back pain. It could put me on my back for days at a time. Now I don’t have any.

I got into this business because I needed a solution to my own problems. Then I started working on the people around me, and over time my hobby of helping others turned into my full time job. I now expect to be doing some form of healing bodywork for the rest of my life. If you are stuck with mobility issues of any sort, have old injuries, or anything else, I’m almost certainly going to be able to help. My Clinic is at 19 Grange Road, Hahei, New Zealand. I am currently available most days of the week including Sundays.

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