Why should I come and see you for treatments?
You can come to me for treatments to get things fixed or you can have regular sessions to keep you well in the long term. These treatments remove the effects of injuries, balance the muscles and skeletal system, stimulate the nervous system and the various systems of the body and make sure everything is working well.

Do you treat acute injuries or chronic conditions or both?
acute injuries will usually resolve within 12 hours of one treatment. For chronic issues you should ideally have three treatments in a row about a week apart and then come back according to need.

I do alot of sports, training and competing, whats in it for me?
You can use these treatments as part of your training program and have regular sessions. If you are training for an event you would find regular sessions after training useful with the last session around three days before the event. Its also a good idea to have a session straight after an event or the following day to speed up recovery time.

What if I don’t have any pain, mobility problems, or injuries?
Then you would be wise to have a few treatments a year to keep your systems balanced.

 Are your therapeutic treatments similar to massage?
Only in the sense that muscles are stimulated, but in a completely different way than usually done in massage. My therapeutic treatments are applied through one layer of clothing and include cross fibre muscle and tendon moves and ways of removing stuck and blocked energy in a faster way than reiki or any other hands on energy healing technique I know of. Most of a session will involve the Bowen technique, without wait times, and it is far more effective than massage in most cases.

I have never had any kind of bodywork in my life, what can I expect?
Then a whole new world of possibilities and enjoyment is going to open up for you. I see alot of clients who have never had any kind of bodywork (including massage) before in their whole life.  In these cases it may be hard to understand the benefits and effects of the modalities I use in my treatments. For a long time I thought there weren’t any effective treatments out there, then I found people who fixed my back and in turn I learned these modalities to help other people. There is always a solution and sometimes we just need to open up and try something new.

Is it ok to talk during the session?
If you have something important to say (that you really want to say) then feel free to say it, but the way to get the most out of the treatment is to close your eyes, relax and remain aware of the parts of your body I am working on. The more relaxed you are the more easily your body will absorb the benefits of the treatment. As soon as people talk, muscles tighten up and the moves need more pressure and can be painful so talking during a treatment can be counterproductive.

What are the techniques you use?
1) Contact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Therapy
  – This technique is excellent for all kinds of injuries. If you have had a car accident, have whiplash or concussion, have fallen off a ladder or had a bad fall or had any kind of impact injury, I will almost certainly spend some time using this technique to release the effects of the injury that can get stuck in an impacted bone or other type of soft tissue. For example, I was hit on the head with a cricket ball when I was around 10 years old and had migraines through that point on my head for years. It took just two releases to permanently eliminate the effect of the injury and the migraines. Its an excellent technique for releasing the effects of falling on your tailbone too.  Bent, impacted or injured tailbones can cause all kinds of problems throughout the body, such as migraines, cerebro-spinal fluid dysfunctions, distorted sacrum and pelvis, leg length discrepancies.

2) The second system I use most – The Bowen Technique – This is an amazing system for balancing the whole body including the muscular and skeletal systems using a unique cross fibre release technique. By balancing all the major muscles of the body, the skeleton is brought into alignment and this in turn leads to vastly improved posture, mobility, blood and lymph flow and general wellbeing. When all parts of the body receive the correct nutrients and oxygen via the blood stream, all types of tissue, including worn tendons and cartilage are able to regenerate.

Will I get the same kind of treatment from any Bowen Practitioner?
No, different schools do things in different ways and each practitioner will probably have taken different extra classes and specialized in various ways. Some practitioners use wait periods after moves and others don’t. Some practitioners do a whole body treatment whereas others are minimalists and only focus on fixing localized problems. My Bowen treatments are always whole body and without wait periods (because I find they are not needed). I subscribe to a holistic style of treatment with special emphasis on the skull, tmj, spine, pelvis, sacrum and tailbone. If you have feet problems you will almost certainly have hip, sacrum, spine and skull issues too.

Why might I experience discomfort in the days AFTER the treatment?
People respond in various different ways in the days after a treatment. There can be slow adjustments or new pains in new places for a day or so or muscle spasms. These symptoms are all temporary and are usually gone after a day or two. Acute injuries usually resolve within 12 hours of a treatment. Any discomfort after a treatment is an indication that your body is re-aligning itself to its natural state. Especially in cases of debilitating and long-term, chronic health issues, your body will be doing its part in the healing process by realigning itself from the misaligned state that you have become accustomed to. You can help the process by making sure you are getting enough water and walking several times a day.