All Testimonials are written by local people in Pauanui, Tairua, Hot Water Beach, Hahei, Cooks Beach or Whitianga.

~ For privacy, the testimonials on the internet have full names replaced with just initials, and some personal details may be deleted.

I initially saw Zak in 2011. when he was practicing Contact CARE (Flinchlock Release Therapy) and I could not raise my arm behind my back or have full range of motion. As a massage therapist I needed relief quickly. After one session I noticed only a little difference immediately, and then the pain increased during the evening for a few hours and then completely dissipated and I gained full range of motion. 

My second experience with Zak had to do with a shoulder problem, which I had suffered with for 20 plus years. I saw many specialists over the years and none were able to even identify my problem. I had three Bowen Therapy sessions with Zak. After the first session the pain curiously shifted to my opposite shoulder for several days. After the second session the pain completely disappeared.

With a demanding business to run I find that a monthly treatment keeps me feeling great all the time and I highly recommend a regular treatment as part of a general well-being and healthy lifestyle plan.
Thank you, Zak! I am very impressed with your healing skills and will not cease from recommending you to all those who need some special care.
~ Lisa Stevenson ~ Owner, Sea Escape Day Spa Tairua (2012)



The most relaxing and helpful massage I have had for a long time. It made my four day stay at the beach. Fully recommend you try it.

~ Karen Stokes., Tauranga (2014)


It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Zak Rymill. I have suffered with chronic back pain and pelvic pain for a 6 years and have tried many different healing modalities. When I came to Zak I had a number of issues, one thing effecting the other. I was so fed up of the pain. I felt very out of balance and literally was out of balance. Previously I had visited a chiropractor and the diagnosis he gave was really difficult to mentally process and in time the sessions led me to more dis-ease and pain. His final diagnosis was that structurally I had a leg discrepancy (one leg shorter than the other) and I would have to use an insole for the rest of my life. It was uncomfortable. What upset me most was that he discouraged me from walking in my bare feet. All of the information I was given felt wrong. 

And then I met Zak and he gave me hope, confirming what my intuition already told me.

After using the Contact CARE method and Bowen Technique, assisted by some crucial massage my body felt more aligned and my pain very much eased. After almost every session I have had with Zak, depending where I was at with my chronic condition, I have felt an 80- 90% pain reduction accompanied by an increase lift in my mood due to his enthusiastic faith in the body to naturally heal itself. 

Bracken R (Thames, New Zealand 2015)


I had three sessions of Bowen massage therapy with Zak over a three week period with very positive results.  Being a registered nurse I initially went, trying not to be skeptical, but I have been very impressed with the therapy Zak has given. I presented with repetitive  strain injury to my left wrist, with some shooting pains up my arm, which was threatening to put me off work. The therapy completely freed me of support bandages and pain.

I also had difficulties with weakness in both knees, making getting up from a kneeling position very difficult, which he also worked on. I was extremely impressed with Zak’s approach of overall health and well being and noticed I began standing taller, and was less stooped even from the first session, and the improvement in agility so that I don’t now have the need to support myself walking up inside or outside stairs, or standing up from a kneeling position.

I wouldn’t hesitate to seek immediate help if acquiring an acute injury again, and can see strong evidence for incorporating Bowen therapy in an ongoing maintenance program for an active lifestyle.

I found Zak’s approach very professional.
~ D.H., Tairua (2012)


Thank you for helping clear my backache. I felt very relaxed, supple and energised. During the three sessions I had with Zak, he was professional, attentive and thoughtful. I think Zak has a strong healing vibe.
~ A.P. (2012)


I have had lower back problems and have been trying to avoid having an operation on my shoulder. After my first treatment with Zak, I already felt more ‘balanced’ especially in my back and my arm, which I could not lift more than 90 degrees due to my sore shoulder. I can now move my arm more freely right up to my ear which is great!

I am about to start my training for a half marathon and should I encounter any physical problems you can bet I’ll be contacting Zak for some help!
~ B.M. Tairua (2012)


Since 2009 I have had several series of treatments with Zak, for many issues primarily relating to mobility and chronic pain. Following the first few treatments, a fairly recent pain and lack of movement in my right shoulder cleared up completely. I also have had upper back and neck tension since a teenager, and this has now reduced to the point where I no longer feel like I need a daily Very Deep massage on these areas.

The most intense issue had been from an injury 20 years ago to my hip joint that caused sciatica. This pain has varied from periodically terribly annoying to a chronic ache which interfered with my sleep. It has now reduced to the point where I often do not notice it at all. This issue may also have been involved with an increasing inability to lay on my back or front for more than a few moments, and lower back pain during walking.

After these Bowen massage sessions with Zak, I can now lay comfortably in any position and no longer have back pain during or after walking.  I also cannot remember the last time I had a headache … Over my life I have tried all sorts of medical and alternative therapies and massage: NONE of them provided more than temporary relief – if that! My experience with Zak’s treatments is that I usually do not notice much if any change during or immediately after the session. What I do notice is that for days afterwards there are many subtle shifts in various parts of my body, and as the days go by the pain lessens and the mobility increases. I am grateful to know Zak and receive these invaluable treatments.
~ V.S. (2012)


Dear Zak:  I was surprised how well you have been able to balance my muscular system in my legs and relieved me from the pain I experienced. Ongoing and noticeable improvement already after the first session. I have no hesitation to recommend you and the Bowen technique for treatment. All the best.
~ M.F. (2012)


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for you. My first meeting with you was kind and courteous; you listened carefully to my ‘problems’ and from the first session I noticed an improvement.

I came to you because of a bad fall which damaged my knee. Despite four months of therapy and accupuncture on ACC there was still an ache, and once I started walking again for exercise I noticed that my right foot was turning outwards. After our first session with the Bowen massage I experienced a ‘dull click’ in my knee and surrounding area and the very next day I realised that this issue had been corrected by your treatment. Amazing!

For the next two sessions I had extended improvement as my hip and knee, etc. had been corrected, and the dull ache – while still there – is also greatly improving. Your comment to me after the first session was that I was very tense and possibly the “worst case” of all your current patients … which made me smile.  A great improvement there, too.

I am continuing my sessions with you as I also have had problems sleeping and  often wake as a result of neck ache, etc, and I have noticed a great improvement in my sleep pattern.  Thank you.

I am happy to continue working with Zak … not only as it is greatly benefitting me, but it proves that I am more than happy with the ‘work’ you are doing. As I am employed in a residential care home that involves a lot of physical work such as lifting residents, I will continue to be exposed to back strain, etc. I was referred to you by a previous client and I am more than happy to refer your services to friends and work colleagues. I sincerely wish you continued success and truly believe you have a special gift of healing.
~ Suzie (Tairua 2012)


Dear Zak: Thank you for the treatment you have offered me. In the three sessions I have experienced relief from pain and improvement to problems I had in my back and my leg. I am impressed with what can be achieved with the Bowen technique.
~ R.F. (2012)


Hi Zak, [I am writing to share] the benefits I have experienced.  I came to you with an ongoing “lack of zeal” and I was sure my get-up-and-go had got up and gone. Within a few hours of my first treatment I really felt invigorated – quite a novel experience: I had been “flat” for over six months and this re-activation was quite amazing. My follow up treatments did not have this huge of an instant response, but I feel they helped to maintain my vigour. I wish you well in your future endeavours and feel free to use this referral: if you can help someone else transform a lack of energy, great!
~ Peter H (2012)


I had three treatments from Zak for extremely sore upper arms and shoulder area, like they wanted to disconnect from my shoulders. There was no injury or accident – just my arms started aching and feeling really sore waking me up at night, too. The first treatment I did not notice much change at all. After the second treatment, they were not as sore
as previously.

After the third treatment the pain lessened and by day four or five after the third treatment my arms had returned to normal – no pain or discomfort. As Zak explained, often the area that is hurting is coming from some other part of the body so he “balanced the body.” Zak’s treatment was painless and successful. Thank you, Zak.
~ S.J (2012)



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