Typical Results

A 45 year old woman has a frozen shoulder and is trying to avoid surgery. She feels an immediate improvement and full resolution after two sessions.

A 50 year old woman who works in a rest home has a frozen shoulder. It resolves fully after one session (frozen shoulders typically take two sessions).

A 70 year old woman fell four feet off a wall and felt like her tail bone is broken and it hurts all the time. Immediate improvement and no pain at all in the tailbone a week later on her next appointment.

Skateboarder (in his 40’s) tripped and had constant pain in his intercostal muscles. His physiotherapist sister told him it could take nine months to heal. He had full resolution two days after the first treatment. His right foot was also sticking out to the right side and this resolved fully after two treatments.

Man in his 50’s had a rugby accident some thirty years earlier, constant pain at night, could not sleep on that side and his shoulder would pop out of joint if he even tried to change a light bulb. He obtained full resolution during the second session.

Another man in his 50’s had such shoulder pain and damage from rugby thirty years earlier that he couldn’t work and was waiting for a shoulder operation. He obtained so much pain relief after 3 sessions that he was out digging the garden and looking for any job he could find. He remarked “this is an amazing treatment”.

A middle aged man has partial rotator cuff tears and constant pain and weakness in his arm and shoulder. It is 80% improved after two sessions. Tears to tendons take more time and the strength needs to be re-built slowly. Lifestyle changes such as work tasks may need to be changed for full resolution. Regular treatments will certainly help.

Young mother in her mid 20’s has sciatica, shoulder problem from fruit picking ten years earlier (RSI and injury) very late period and chronic constipation. After the first treatment her constipation cleared, her period was stimulated into action, and her sciatica went from an 8 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10 pain measurement. Her shoulder resolved itself after three sessions.

A lady in her 50’s had scoliosis all her life. After three treatments her spine was much straighter and her hips and legs were far more balanced. She also reported feeling much much calmer and more relaxed all the time and her partner said he noticed the same change in her.

A 60 year old man had constant pain in his shoulder from straining it while playing tennis. His shoulder pain disappeared after two treatments. Longer term problems like this often require careful strengthening of the damaged tendons. Regular treatments will balance the whole spine, hips, legs, feet and shoulders and speed up the healing process. The root of many accidents and strains come from having an unbalanced spine, hips and shoulder girdle so keeping these straight with regular treatments will almost certainly resolve the problem in the longer term. Eliminating the pain is just the first step.

A 60 year old woman who works in a rest home and does a lot of heavy lifting was constantly injuring herself. She came to me with numerous injuries, stress, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and badly strained inner thigh muscles from a bad fall. She had 20 sessions of acc physiotherapy and acupuncture and there was hardly any improvement. Her right foot was sticking out at a 45 degree angle. After the first session her foot corrected. She came for about eight weekly sessions with improvements after each session and symptoms moving around her body as it re-adjusted itself. This is a perfect example of how regular weekly sessions can be required.

A 65 year old woman had hip pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. All these pains disappeared after two session and she comes back for regular sessions once a month. Even her husband noticed how much more relaxed she had become (this relaxation lasting for weeks at a time).

A woman in her 50’s had shoulder and arm pain. She’s been diagnosed with arthritis. She had a series of three treatments and comes back once a month because she gets so much pain relief and deep relaxation from the treatments.

Another 60 year old woman who needed support to walk up the stairs and said she felt “like an old lady”, reported that after 2 sessions she didn’t feel like an old woman anymore and didn’t need to support herself when walking up stairs.

A 40 year old man had constant backache from working at the computer all the time. The back pain totally disappeared after two sessions.

A man in his 60’s had spinabifida occulta and constant back pain. A few days after the first session he noticed he had no more back pain. He gained huge benefits from a series of sessions.

A man with constant pain at the root of his second toe received full resolution after three sessions. The same toe was curled under since he could remember and after five sessions it has almost fully unravelled.

An elderly woman had multiple falls which left her spine, hips, rib cage and shoulders twisted so she couldn’t stand up straight. After two sessions she was standing and walking normally.

A young lady had tennis elbow and was taking pain killers all the time for pain relief. After three sessions there was no more pain.

A mature woman who’s knees would knock and whose feet stuck out at 45 degrees and was waiting for knee replacement surgery received huge pain relief after two sessions. Her feet corrected and she is now walking straight. These modalities are amazing for long-term body alignment.

A young man sprained his ankle twice a year apart and had constant pain and weakness around his ankle. After one session his ankle was about 90% back to normal.

A young man had a bad fall and received a 95% tear in a ligament in his wrist. The Dr advised keyhole surgery. After two sessions this man was feeling great and resumed full duties at work that required using both hands.

The above examples are from 2012.


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