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I specialize in wellness treatments and in speeding up the healing process so you feel normal again.
By Appointment Only
Location – 19 Grange Road, Hahei
Available most weekdays and weekends just ask (including sundays).

TEXT or CALL: 0272 604 871 (texting is best because it gives me a record).
If I do not return your message, please try again, as I may not have seen it.

This is a safe and holistic therapy, more relaxing and effective than massage. I treat the body as a whole not just the part that appears to have the problem. It has no dangerous effects on your health and doesn’t utilize any pharmaceutical and/or chemical products, high velocity thrusts, steroid injections or painkillers. My objective is to naturally stimulate your body to healthy functioning.

A therapeutic treatment involves two modalities and is usually applied through a layer of clothing for your convenience:

1) I remove the effects of injuries to your skeleton/bone and other tissue types using the highly effective Contact CARE release technique.

2) I gently align your whole body using a modified and enhanced Bowen Technique. The Bowen Technique is a unique method of applying the fingers and thumbs in a cross fibre manner to muscles, tendons and ligaments that causes them to re-calibrate to a balanced position. Once the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body are balanced, they pull the skeleton into alignment and this in turn encourages the bodies various systems to function more normally.

Both Techniques are very gentle, deeply relaxing and enjoyable to receive.

A high percentage of clients report that the effects are “amazing” or “incredible”.

Acute issues usually resolve within around 12 hours of treatment and may take up to 3 days. For chronic issues plan for three sessions and then return according to need. Most people are in a whole new space after two or three sessions.

Once your body is structurally aligned and the effects of injuries released, all kinds of problems resolve and tissue regeneration takes place.

The combination of modalities I use will in the majority of cases help with the following;

Injuries (these often leave the body distorted and can have disastrous effects as the years go by)
Avoid hip and knee replacements. When the body is in alignment soft tissue will rejuvinate (including cartilage).
Neck and Back Pain
Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder usually in two or three sessions)
Damaged Coccyx (knocks to the tailbone can give migraines and/or distort the whole pelvis)
Concussion and whiplash
Headaches and Migraines
TMJ (including clicking jaw)
Sciatica (usually one to three sessions needed)
Strains and Sprains
General well-being
Body alignment
Low energy

Wear one layer of light, non slippery clothing.

Sessions take around 50 minutes and cost $80.
No card facilities, cash only.

For Appointments
TEXT or CALL: 0272 604 871 (booking by text is best)

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