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I specialize in wellness treatments and in speeding up the healing process so you feel good and much better than you usually do.
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This is a safe and holistic therapy. I treat the body as a whole, not just the part that appears to have the problem or where the pain is located, if there is any. I naturally stimulate your body to healthy functioning.

A therapeutic treatment involves:

1) I gently align your whole body using a modified and enhanced whole-body Bowen Massage Technique that has evolved during ten years of practice.

2) During the session, I release blockages in your etheric body. The etheric body underlies and is the true matrix on which the physical body and all physical body tissue types are formed.

Both approaches are gentle, deeply relaxing and enjoyable to receive.

A high percentage of clients report that the effects are “amazing” or “incredible” and most people are very impressed with these treatments.

Acute issues usually resolve straight away or within around 12 hours of treatment and may take up to 3 days. You will probably get off the table feeling much better unless you have badly bruised or injured some soft tissue that needs more recovery time.

For chronic issues plan for three sessions and then return according to need. Most people are in a whole new space after two or three sessions.

Once your body is structurally aligned and the effects of injuries released, all kinds of problems resolve and tissue regeneration takes place.

The combination of modalities I use will in the majority of cases help with the following;
Hip and knee pain.
Neck and Back Pain
Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulders usually resolve in one to three sessions)
Damaged Coccyx (knocks to the tailbone can give migraines and/or distort the whole pelvis)
Concussion and whiplash
Headaches and Migraines
TMJ (including clicking jaw)
Sciatica (usually one to three sessions needed)
Strains and Sprains
General well-being
Body alignment
Low energy

Ideally wear non slippery underpants and clothing as this makes it easier for me to get traction around the glutes and hips. I will usually give you a pair of shorts to wear over your underpants to make it easier to get traction around those muscles.

The following sources and trainings have had the major influence on my work. I list them in no particular order:

Bowen Therapy
Applied Myoskeletal Therapy
Contact CARE Flinchlock Release Therapy
Now Healing (this is a brilliant synthesis of three of the leading energy healing systems at this time)
The Wonder Method (this is one of the best energy healing systems I have come across)

For Appointments
TEXT or CALL: 0272 604 871

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